Privacy Policy


    This notice is  shared in accordance with art. 13 of dlgs n. 196/2003 (Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali– henceforth Codice) to those who use web services by Food Siciliano, accessible from and it concerns all personal data gathered and kept by Food Siciliano about its users and their accounts, whereas it does not concern data gathered from other websites possibly consulted by users by means of link to external pages of third parties. By the phrase “personal datum” we mean any information related to a natural identified or identifiable person, even indirectly, by referring to any other information (art. 4., let. B, Codice).

    Food Siciliano can periodically modify, integrate or update this notice, even considering any possible modification of the applicable notice or any measure taken by Guarantor for Personal Data Protection. Modifications and updates of the Notice will be applied and brought to knowledge of the persons concerned as soon as adopted through the link to the Privacy Policy in the site footer.

    Consequently, every user concerned is invited to regularly access the site in order to verify the uploaded Notice.

    Personal data processed by Food Siciliano (“Data Processing”) are data gathered (1) as they are provided by the person concerned; (2) they are provided by third parties; (3) automatically.

    1)Data directly provided by the person concerned correspond to all personal data put in the Site (to surf, to proceed to online purchase or any other reason) or anyway provided to Food Siciliano. Within the law, any person concerned can decide not to allow his/her data processing, although such an exclusion might limit or prevent  from  using some service by Food Siciliano. Examples of data provided directly by persons concerned are: name, address and telephone number, credit card data (processed only during the purchase); name of  recipients of the orders, if different from the buyer.  More generally, all data provided allowing the purchase order, the carrying out of  product research on the Site, the filling and the use of the profile on the Site, the facilitation  of product delivery with the communication of data concerning numbers or contact  address (i. e. telephone, email, address), etc.         
    2)Data provided by third parties correspond to all personal data that Food Siciliano gathers from other sources (postal service companies, messengers, entry data companies etc.) in order to carry out your services. Again, any person concerned, within the law, can decide not to allow part or all of his/her data processing, although such an exclusion might limit or prevent  from  using some services by Food Siciliano. Examples of data provided by third parties concern updates or corrections received during deliveries by messengers or carrier partners or third parties, data on web pages visited that we might receive from other traders Food Siciliano might collaborate with, etc.        
    3)Automatically gathered data are web surfing data i. e. c. d. “cookies”. Computerized systems and software procedures in charge for the functioning of website obtain some personal data during their normal activity whose transmission is implicit in the usage of the Internet communications protocols.  These information are not generally gathered to be associated with identified persons concerned, but because of their nature they might allow to identify users by elaborating data hold by third parties. IP addresses, domain names of computers used by users connecting to the site, URI, time of request, method used to submit the request to the server, file dimension obtained in reply, numeric code indicating the state of the server response (succeed, error, etc.) and other yardsticks related to the operating system and to the IT environment of the user belong to this data category. These data are mainly used to gather statistical information on the website use and to control its correct functioning. Data might be used for responsibility-finding in case of hypothetical cyber-crimes against the site.

    A cookie is a  small size file sent by a web site and stored in the user browser while surfing an Internet page. Cookies can be stored just while using a specific site (cookie session) or for a longer time span and regardless of the session (persistent cookie). Cookies work
    in combination with the content of the Internet site and they normally have the function to improve the accessibility  and the surfing experience on the web. They allow Food Siciliano to know contents displayed, selected choices and every use of the Site by the user. Besides, such a function allows Food Siciliano to offer more useful and appropriate advertisement to every single user. Moreover, Food Siciliano might collaborate with third-party companies, using tracing technologies, to advertise on the Internet. These companies can anonymously  gather information on visits on our sites. To achieve these and other aims, cookies gather and record surfing information, although Food Siciliano’s policy aims at letting the user choose the use of these cookies. Consequently, in case the user blocks or forbids the use of cookies, some features of the Site might be forbidden, slowed down or anyway not to be efficient. Other than allowing an easy use of the Site, Food Siciliano uses cookies on the Site for different purposes: (i) to identify the user when he/she logs in on the Site; (ii) to store products in shopping basket to be purchased; (iii) to avoid fraudulent use of accounts or of payments; (iv) if authorized, to help user profiling and so to provide him/her with indications on products he/she might be interested in or other personalized contents or offers; (v) if authorized, to provide him/her with promotions, contents, advertisements linked to the users or to his/her preferences; (vi) to carry out market research; (vii) to improve the Site, offer of products by Food Siciliano and their commercialization etc. At the present, the Site uses the following cookies with functions listed below that the user can activate or disable in the section “Cookies Settings” at the end of every pages of the Site.

    They are essential cookies to surf as they allow a correct use of the Site and its full functionality. They include cookies allowing the creation of  personalized accounts, to log in and to display the content in the language you choose every time you access the site, by recognizing  the country you are surfing from (and by storing these information for next times), and to manage orders. These cookies are strictly necessary for the site to work and their disabling could prevent from a correct surfing. Analytical cookies belong to this category too, allowing the statistical analysis of user surfing on the Site, with the only aim of understanding the use made by users through other computerized systems.

    They include, for example, cookies recording how many times a page has been clicked  and number of pages visited by users.         

    These analyses are linked to aggregated and anonymous data and only have statistical purposes.
    They are not indispensable for the site to work but being treated anonymously, they do not affect data owners’ interests.

    This category includes:

    Cookies useful for using the site: they allow Food Siciliano to facilitate and improve the usage of the Site for the user. They allow to authenticate the user every time he/she accesses  (in case he/she activated the function “Remember me”), avoiding a new data entry at every new surfing session, that is remembering (for a limited time span) the previous shopping done during the last access in case the purchase  has not been completed on that occasion.

    They are not indispensable for surfing the site but they aim at facilitating and speeding up its use.

    Third-party cookies for marketing/retargeting: they are cookies belonging to third –party companies allowing information gathering on the user for a more specific promotional or personalized communication for the user. They include cookies relating to the insertion of advertising banners of third-party companies or of chosen products seen by the user or similar products. These cookies do not necessarily request personal data processing and can be deactivated at any time without affecting surfing on the site, although their deactivation entails the reception of promotional messages which might not be of interest for the user.

    How can I deactivate cookies?

    For further information and to change settings related to cookies, included their activation and deactivation, it is possible to access the concerned section linked by the Site footer, under heading “Cookie Settings”.

    More generally, by operating on browser settings, almost every computer allows  to notify the user when a cookie is sent, that is to say that the total deactivation of cookies is allowed. Their total deactivation might prevent many functions, the proper surfing or display of the Site or of other  web pages.

    Data processing generally takes place at the premises of  Food Siciliano.

    Personal data are treated by Food Siciliano and/ or third parties carefully selected for their reliability and competency. These data can be transmitted to them in case it is necessary to carry out exploitable or secondary activities related to the purposes of Data Processing indicated in this notice, with the main aim of providing goods and services requested by the person concerned. (i.e. postal service companies, messengers, data entry companies, etc.)

    Moreover, users’ personal data can be transmitted also to companies belonging to Food Siciliano Group.

    In any other case, except for what stated by the law, personal data are not given away and/or sent to third parties.

    Personal data are gathered with respect of obligations and warranties stated by the Codice and are mainly treated with automatic  electronic and computerized devices, just for the time necessary for the purposes  they have been gathered for.  

    Specific safety measures  have been respected in order to prevent data loss, illegal or wrong uses and non-authorized accesses.

    As soon as data are not necessary for the purposes anymore, Food Siciliano ensures their erasure, except where the law prescribes their archiving or the user allowed them to be processed for a longer period or to be archived.


    Under Article 7 of Codice, all users have the right to obtain the confirmation of the existence of their personal data, even if they have been not recorded yet, and their intelligible communication.

    Particularly,  all users have the right to obtain from Food Siciliano every information concerning: (i) the origin of personal data; (ii) purpose and processing methods; (iii) methods according which electronic/computerized devices deal with data; (iv) identification details of the owner and of those who are potentially in charge of the processing; (v) identification details of persons and groups of persons who can receive these data.

     Moreover, all users have the right to obtain from Food Siciliano the update, correction or integration of their data or their erasure in case of illegal processing. In this case, data will blocked for violating the law.

    Finally, all users have the right to whole or partial opposition to their data processing, although fitting the purposes, for legitimate reasons or for advertising, direct sell or marketing research purposes.

    Requests referred to in previous sections  are to be made by registered mail to the Controller indicated in the following paragraph.


    Data are uniquely processed for the following purposes.

    Food Siciliano mainly uses data provided by persons concerned in order to:

    run order and carry out the related activities (i. e. communicating with clients on the state of the order, reply to information requests, running payments, etc); run users’ account in case of registering the Site to use its services; allow the adhesion to specific services and others, such as reception of newsletter for promotional offers and other informational services, that is to statistical activities or marketing research.

    For all purposes indicated above, Food Siciliano will instruct external furnishers and send them only those data strictly necessary for the execution  of the task.  

    The data transfer for purposes referred to in sections 1 and 2 above is compulsory to carry out the purchase and the delivery of goods and services as well as the registration to the Site and a refusal of the processing forbids the execution of requested services for purchasing  goods and services on the Site and the registration to the Site itself.

    As for section 1 and 2 referred to in “Processing Purposes”

    √ I authorize the data processing (the consent is compulsory to allow the user to receive the services requested).