Shipping and Delivery

    Delivery schedules are indicatives, they may change depending on the type of order requested (availability of the product) or other delivery service issues. At the moment of delivery, the Client is responsible for verify the integrity of the package, that is not damaged or wet, and the content corresponds to what it is written in the delivery note. If the content of the package does not correspond, the Client can have right of withdrawal as referred in the terms of sale. Operational and packaging schedules may vary, but usually an order is rocessed and shipped in 3 or 4 business days from the date of purchase. Shipping schedules may vary depending on the region/state and on the delivery service. Normally, the order is took over and delivered within 7 business days.

    After a first delivery attempt to the address provided by the Client during the order on the website, if the customer is absent, the Delivery Service in charge will inform the Client, with a written notice or by telephone. The Client will be able to reschedule another date; the address of the second delivery can be different from the one provided in the order with an extra charge. If by 7 days from the first delivery attempt the Client will not reached out to the Delivery Service, the order will be canceled and the Client will have a repayment.